Welcome to City Coolers Engineering Limited. We are glad to share with you our services.


Refrigeration is one of the services required by any growing industry, organisations and companies. With chillers mainly used for industrial and commercial activities. City Coolers Engineering Limited has done a number and installations, designs, repairs and maintenance of chillers.

Our services are so reliable and we give you a long lasting solution to your refrigeration concerns. We help you with the designs, installation, repairs and maintenance of your chiller units


The high crime rate in the changing community has really affected the comfort of individuals both at home and work areas .City coolers engineering ltd offers various

security measures at your disposal, some of which include ;

  • CCTV camera
  • Electric fence
  • Motion detectors
  • Height detectors
  • Fire detectors
  • Computer


We are capable of carrying out various electrical works from as low as 33kilowatts. Designing & installation of electrical wiring and machines, repair, maintenance.

City coolers engineering Ltd.’s electrical team, has unmatched skills in the engineering industry.

Our installers have the knowledge of and experience you can count on for all your electrical concerns such as,

  • Air conditioning installation and repairs
  • Washing machine installation and repairs
  • Generation installation and repairs
  • Inverter installation and maintenance
  • Server room works
  • Repair and replacement of other broken machines
  • Electrical security and alarm