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Due to the hot and shiny weather in the East African region .That has led to high loses of perishable products such as fruits, vegetables, fresh cuts, drinks, chemicals& many other perishable goods. City coolers has put in place measures that focuses on making your refrigeration down time absolute and a worry free long lasting solutions to your refrigeration concerns.

As a Kampala based Refrigeration Company, we have well experienced certified technical team at your services with the aim of bringing you satisfactory results to your cooling problems and concerns with a 24/7 hours emergency call response.

City coolers engineering ltd offers services that include;-

  • Cold room design and setup
  • Cold room installation
  • Cold room repair and maintenance

Some of our cold room/chiller room maintenance procedures include:-

  • Ensure compressor are not leaking oil
  • Ensure cold room is cooling to the correct temperature
  • Ensure no ice is forming on the evaporator
  • Check condenser coil fins and clean it
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Check all control values
  • And many more

Our walk into cold rooms offers ultimate environmental commercial and industrial storage.