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Project Overview

Changes in the environment have a significant rise in the average daily temperature. So now modern works, homes, and commercial environment requires a customized air conditioning system which offers a great level of cool and warm using remote control in the comfort of your seat.

We have a wide range of types, brands and sizes with a technical team to guide you in choosing an appropriate machine .some of which include;-

ü  Wall split

ü  Ceiling cassette

ü  Flow standing

ü  Portable AC

ü  Centralized AC

ü  Duct

ü  Etc.

City coolers engineering ltd brings you sustainable air conditioning support at your comfort with absolute down time services which include,

ü  Installation, Repair and maintenance.

During maintenance our certified technical team goes through the following check points;-

1.       Clean evaporator and condenser

2.       Test voltage across evaporator and condenser

3.       Lubricate motors

4.       Clean and replace filters

5.       Check and add refrigerants if necessary

6.       Inspecting electrical components & connections ,repair and replacing or tightening as required

7.       Check system functions and safety controls and other technical requirements


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