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Project Overview

Duct and extraction of fumes, smoke & bad smell is one of the essential requirements for our changing community in the kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, sanitary accommodation, warehouse and many others.

The fumes, smoke and bad smells from domestic, commercial and industrial buildings has really affected the community.

With our proven capability over the years in duct and extraction, city coolers engineering ltd makes it a priority that our clients are in good terms with the community.

We offer a duct manufacture & installation services for all your concerns.

Some of which include,

ü  Duct design and installation

ü  Fit access panels to allow ease of cleaning

ü  Sound attenuation

ü  Anti-vibration

ü  Upgrading existing systems.

During installation, safety measures are taken to avoid electrical shock in areas of concerns like bathrooms, kitchen or any kind of accident that could occur because of wrong duct installation.

Unlike most duct companies ,who leave the fan in the duct, city coolers engineering ltd actually removes the fan fully from the system ,remove the blades which enable the technical team to fully clean the duct .which include,

ü  Fan repairs

ü  Fan control boxes

ü  Bearing changes

ü  Motor rewind

ü  Lubrication

ü  Tightening electrical connections where necessary.

ü  Replacement of broken electrical cables.

Extraction and duct can be done in places such as

ü  Kitchens

ü  Utility room

ü  Bathrooms

ü  Sanitary accommodation.

ü  Electrical installation

We are capable of carrying out various electrical works from as low as 33 kilowatts.Designing & installation of electrical wiring and machines, repair, maintenance and safety concerns in domestic, commercial and industrial projects.

City coolers engineering Ltd.’s electrical team, has unmatched skills in the engineering industry.

Our installers have the knowledge of and experience you can count on for all your electrical concerns such as,

ü  Air conditioning installation and repairs

ü  Washing machine installation and repairs

ü  Generation installation and repairs

ü  Inverter installation and maintenance

ü  Server room works

ü  Repair and replacement of other broken machines

ü  Electrical security and alarm system.


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